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Cosmos db aggregation

db.getCollection("customers").find({}); The statement calls the find method on the customers collection without passing any arguments into the method. Consequently, the statement will return all documents in the collection. You can achieve the same results in SQL Query by running the following SELECT statement: select * from customers;.

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Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB 4.2 supports tons of new aggregation pipeline stages, operations, and expressions such as $merge, $regexFind, trigonometry expressions, and more! As a developer, this will make your life easier by removing the need to develop this logic in your application code. Client-side Field Level Encryption. Improved efficiency in aggregation and range query when filtering on an indexed cluster key or data with large partitions. Cluster Key Index use cases We will be creating a table, inserting sample data and running some sample queries to show how cluster key indexing works within Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API.

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Migrate DOCDB to Azure Cosmos DB. The sales data including the documents in JSON format, must be gathered as it arrives and analyzed online by using Azure Stream Analytics. The analytic process will perform aggregations that must be done continuously, without gaps, and without overlapping.

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Design, build, and release high quality Web APIs and RESTful web services - independent of a particular specification format.

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Querying JSON data using the SQL API. Now comes the main part of this article, i.e. learning to work with JSON data using SQL query language in an Azure Cosmos DB account. Click on the New SQL Query icon on the top menu bar to open a query window. We will start with the basic queries using SELECT, WHERE, ORDER BY, TOP, Between and IN clauses.

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