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Ko shamo breed standard

What is Ganoi Rooster For Sale. Likes: 630. Shares: 315.

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History. Modern Game chickens are a striking breed of bird. They evolved from breeding Malay and Old English Game . They were first breed in the late 1850's as a sleeker version of the gamecock which was used for fighting. However, Modern Game was bred for shows rather than for fighting as this was outlawed around this time.

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The seven registered Shamo breeds are Ehigo-Nankin-Shamo, Kinpa, Ko-Shamo, Nankin-Shamo, Yakido (also referred to as Yagido), and Yamato-Shamo or Yamato Gunkel. Whereas, Chu-Shamo and Chibi-Shamo are regarded as the two unregistered popular Shamo Chicken breeds. Shamos are known for their hatred towards other chickens.

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In the United Kingdom, the Shamo, Ko-Shamo, Nankin Shamo, Yakido and Yamato Gunkei are recognised as distinct breeds, [4] while Chu-Shamo and [5] The Australian Poultry Standards have only one form of Shamo, which has a minimum weight of 3 kg. [6] The American Poultry Association. E-Line KO-II Busbar Trunking is designed for transporting and distributing.

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Female Male Splash 100% Baby Chicks Shamo , Asil, Aseel, aka Dinosaur Chicken, O Shamo . The Ko Shamo is a breed from Japan and is used in cock fighting, where it is still legal (Japan). poultry scene. Quantity: 2 Pcs.

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