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List the difference between parallel projection and perspective projection

The Mercator Projection. To really grasp the issues with a 2D projection of the world, one must understand the difference between parallels and meridians. Parallels, as their name implies, are lines parallel to each other, dividing the world from south to north in flat layers, like the layers of a cake.

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This was our old definition when we took the projection onto a line. Some vector in l. Maybe it's there. And if I take the difference between that and that, this difference vector's going to be orthogonal to everything in l. Just like that. So, this right here would be it's difference vector. That would be x minus the projection of x onto l.

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3.4. Perspective and Parallel Projections. In addition to specifying the position and orientation of the camera, applications need to specify other camera attributes, such as field of view, near and far clip plane distance, and whether to use a perspective or parallel projection. Applications should specify these parameters with the projection.

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The gnomonic, stereographic, and orthographic are perspective projections. In an azimuthal ... planes of the meridians are extended, they intersect the cylinder in a number of vertical lines. See Figure 304. These parallel lines of projection are equidistant from each other, unlike the terrestrial meridians from which they are derived which.

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Similarly, in cartography, map projection refers to the establishment of one-to-one correspondence between points on the earth's surface and points on the projection plane. The basic problem of map projection is to use certain mathematical rules to express the longitude and latitude network on the surface of the earth on the plane.

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